Event Schedule
10:00 AM Opening Ceremony of Selangor International Business Summit 2018
11:00 AM Exhibition Tour with VIPs to Selangor International Expo 2018
Theme 1: Food for Thought
1:00 PM Food for thought: Future of Malaysia in ASEAN
Theme 2: Deciphering ASEAN
2:30 PM Digital Trends in ASEAN’s Hospitality Sector (Panel Session)
3:30 PM Networking Hi-tea
4:00 PM Retail in ASEAN: A New Approach (Panel Session)
5:00 PM The Manufacturing Opportunity: The Future of Production in ASEAN (Panel Session)
Theme 3: ASEAN Economic Integration
10:00 AM Regional vs. Global: Tackling Trade in ASEAN (Panel Session)
11:30 AM Lunch Plenary Session
Economic Aspirations of Malaysia in ASEAN
3:00 PM Investing in ASEAN Economic Community: The Challenges and Opportunities (Panel Session)
4:00 PM Networking Hi-Tea
4:30 PM AEC Updates: What's Now? What's Next? (Panel Session)
Theme 4: Entrepreneurship (Youth & Women)
10:00 AM Inspiring Young Entrepreneurs in ASEAN (Panel Session)
11:30 AM Lunch
3:00 PM Cultivating Female Leadership Excellence in ASEAN (Panel Session)
4:00 PM Networking Hi Tea
Theme 5: Halal
9:15 AM Halal & Islamic Finance: Way Forward
10:00 AM Halal Indonesia: Way Forward
10:30 AM Break
10:45 AM Embracing & Transformation Industry 4.0 in the Halal Industry: Learning From Others (Panel Session)
12:00 PM The McDonalds Rest Journey With Halal
12:30 PM Lunch
2:45 PM Wholesale Banking: Islamic
3:00 PM Emerging TrendsSelangor as a Global Ingredients Hub (Panel Session)
4:30 PM Markets & Brands: Exporting Your Products
  Introduction and Q&A to the Selangor Halal Action Plan 2018 - 2028
  Introduction to Halal International Selangor (HIS)
  Belgium as a Halal Hub
Theme 6: Belt and Road Initiative (Mandarin Session)
10:00 AM The ASEAN Economic Impact of the Belt and Road Initiative
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